Open Courses

Certification level courses "à la carte"

EIPM portfolio of Open Courses available
through e-module and virtual group classes.

EIPM has developed a pedagogy enabling participants to learn at their own pace. They can access e-Learning modules while being part of a cohort of participants who attend Virtual Classes led by EIPM faculty.

Thanks to this pedagogy, participants achieve the same learning goals as someone joining a two or three-day course delivered at EIPM.

Why choose our Open Courses?

An Open Course is divided into a series of chapters. For each chapter, participants study the theory via e-Learning modules. They then attend a Virtual Class led by an EIPM trainer. In this virtual class, they learn how to apply the theory within their professional context through simulations, cases, exercises and role plays.

How are our courses organised?

Each open course starts 15 days before the first Virtual Class. This gives participants time to complete the necessary e-Learning modules before attending the first Virtual Class. The open course ends 15 days after the last Virtual Class. The overall duration varies from three to ten weeks.