What is EIPM?

Welcome to EIPM

We strive to be the leading Learning Institute (Education, Research and Training) in the field of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management.

EIPM is at the intersection of business and academic worlds, with an approach to education rooted in the reality of business.

Currently with branches in Geneva and Shanghai and partnerships in Brazil, India, Mexico, North America, Poland and the United Arab Emirates, the Institute has developed a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the training and development needs of its large base of international clients in all industry and service sectors.

EIPM's Role in changing our Purchasing world

33 years ago, a group of international companies created the first European and worldwide centre for Purchasing and Supply Management research, education, training, and networking. This first centre was named the European Institute for Purchasing Management, or EIPM.

Since its creation:

  • many companies have shifted from using the term “Purchasing” to “Procurement,”
  • priorities of procurement teams have evolved from savings only to a broader set of value creation opportunities,
  • companies are moving away from low-cost-country sourcing to focus on ecosystems,
  • bargaining negotiations have given way to supplier relationship management (SRM).

These changes reflect the evolving world of Procurement.

For over 30 years, EIPM has been at the forefront of these changes, leading the way through various initiatives, including:

  • the EIPM Research Centre, which has developed a purchasing/procurement school of thought, including the Supply Management Observatory and the EIPM Peter Kraljic Think Tank,
  • structured education programmes offered in 9 languages to worldwide buyers and executives,
  • focused training programmes for some of the largest companies in the world,
  • the development of the largest e-library of online learning modules,
  • the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards, which though a rigorous process, recognise the excellence of Purchasing organisations impacting their company, society and the environment,
  • the EIPM Network of CPOs and professionals who attend different events throughout the year, where expertise, good practices, friendship, simplicity, and openness are shared.

Over the years, EIPM has proven that to lead procurement transformation, you need the right group of experts with the best technical expertise, teaching knowledge, and a great sense of humanity. EIPM is committed to maintaining and reinforcing its global leadership in the years to come.

Join the EIPM spirit and change your Procurement world.

Bernard Gracia
EIPM Founder

Our Assets

Pedagogical Expertise

EIPM benefits from a well qualified and international faculty, passionate about procurement and committed to our programmes and clients. Our Faculty is composed of prominent professors, consultants and executives of leading companies from different sectors.


EIPM continuously develops and leverages new methodologies, tools and concepts to offer the perfect balance between academic achievement and professional experience. EIPM publishes regularly, notably the EIPM Value Creation Observatory, the EIPM Journal of Supply Excellence and the book Global Industrial Trends.

Client Relationship

EIPM maintains a dedicated customer service team, responsive to individual and organisations’ needs. EIPM’s international orientation and family spirit are key factors in its relationship with customers.


Our Mission

To serve our clients to deploy knowledge in Purchasing & Supply Management to help create sustainable Value Creation for different stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the leading institute

To be the reference by differentiation

To be the preferred global supplier

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A Brief History of EIPM


    The new entity is positioned as a key partner for national and international purchasing and supply chain managers and will henceforth occupy a leading position. An obvious strategic connection between two recognised experts in their respective fields of competence and activities. 


    Over the past three decades, no less than 5,000 procurement professionals from more than 300companies around the world have trusted EIPM for their training.

    EIPM, which had already sensed the benefits of e-learning for economic and environmental reasons, was perfectly at ease the day the global pandemic forced an adaptation not only of learning modes but also of professional & social events. 2020 is the year of the 1st online edition of the EIPM Annual Conference &  the Peter-Kraljic Awards. Another eFact: from 2017 to 2022, EIPM has delivered no less than 60 free didactic webinars, the most recent ones can be viewed on the EIPM YouTube channel.


    A soft, but real transition, from onsite training to distance learning, while successfully maintaining a cohort  spirit. 1 residential week, instead of 3 previously, generating lower travel expenses, time consumption and carbon footprint. Based on the principle: "Learn from where you are, when you decide", FLEX pedagogy provides more responsibility and autonomy to the learners.

  • 2016 Helping the evolution of the function

    The Purchasing function has undoubtedly advanced within companies. Confined for a long time to subordinate roles, Purchasing is now at the heart of corporate strategic transformation. EIPM is proud to have been successfully helping Companies and individuals around the globe to reach their full potential over the last 25 years.

  • 2014: Value Creation

    EIPM sets the Value Creation Observatory in motion: a "multi-year" research project to investigate the impact of Purchasing on Company Value Creation.

  • 2011 - 2012: Club, Journal and Student Exchange

    A student exchange programme is initiated in partnership with SDA Bocconi, the EIPM Club is created and the EIPM Journal of Supply Excellence is launched.


  • 2010: The EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards

    EIPM launches the EPM Organisation Maturity Assessment and the annual EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards, with the support of Dr. Peter Kraljic and EFQM.

  • 2006: Global Footprint

    EIPM’s international expansion started with the launch of standard programmes in China, followed by CPO Roundtables in China and Japan and the official opening of EIPM China and EIPM Brazil.

  • 2005 - 2006: Partnerships

    EIPM organises the World Conference of IPSERA and the Annual EFMD MBA Directors Meeting.

  • 2004 : Bee-Resources©

    EIPM launches Bee-Resources©, an online, secure, simple, flexible and efficient Talent Assessment Tool for purchasing professionals.

  • 2002: Our Campus

    2002 marks the opening of the EIPM Archamps Campus (and Head Office facilities).

  • 1999: E-learning

    In 1999, EIPM’s In-Company Tailor Made programmes achieved great success, training more than 3000 participants worldwide that year. An E-learning platform is then launched as an online learning support to those programmes.

  • 1997: CAPC for newcomers

    EIPM launches the Certified Advanced Purchasing Course (CAPC) for newcomers to the Purchasing function. The same year, the Executive MBA is reshaped as a part-time programme to offer maximum flexibility and accommodate professional responsibilities.

  • 1996: Purchasing Conference

    Year of the first EIPM Annual Purchasing Conference: a two-day forum gathering professionals from a wide spectrum of industrial and service corporations worldwide, as well as consultants and academic experts.

  • 1992 : CPO Round table

    The first European Roundtable for Senior Purchasing Executives is launched as a forum to exchange ideas on Purchasing best practices and strategies.

  • 1991: MBA

    The first MBA programme specialised in Purchasing and Supply Management. The inaugural promotion is in September 1991.

  • 1990: A pioneering role in purchasing education

    EIPM was created in December 1990 by top leading Companies – Alcatel, Aérospatiale, Amae, Bull, Cerestar (Ferruzzi), Herbert's (Hoechst), Nokia, Pechiney, Philips and Renault – and sponsored by the European Commission, the Rhône-Alpes Region and the Haute-Savoie Department.