The four EIPM Certification programmes have been developed to cover the full range of Purchasing functions. The programmes meet the needs of Purchasing professionals seeking skills recognition. We encourage teamwork, exchange and mutual learning amongst participants through a diversity of means. This way, everyone can find within the EIPM Certification the development and tools to complement and build on their own experience.

Level 1 for Newcomers

Newcomers in procurement and internal stakeholders, who want to better understand the procurement function.  Also suitable for a sales force looking to improve its effectiveness by understanding its clients’ practices in this domain.


Distance learning: Digital learning platform, e-learning modules for preparatory self-study, and online group classes facilitated by an EIPM professor. 


1st session:  From 13th February to 17th April 2023
2nd session:  From 21st August to 9th October 2023

Level 2 for Professional Buyers

Lead buyers, category buyers, project buyers, and business unit buyers with large portfolio responsibilities. 


Digital learning platform, e-modules for preparatory self-study and group online class facilitated by an EIPM professor.


1st session:  From 13th February to 26th June 2023
2nd session: From 21st August to 14th December 2023

Level 3 for Category & Lead Buyers

Category managers and project managers who need to initiate new ways of thinking and acting in order to deliver add value to the business.


1st session: Digital learning platform, e-modules for preparatory self-study and group online class facilitated by an EIPM professor.
2nd session:  Flex mode, a mix of face-to-face (1 week) and distance learning. 


1st session:  From 6th February to 3rd July 2023 
2nd session: From 26th June 2023 to 22nd January 2024:

  • Face-to-face week: from 26th to 30th June 2023,
  • Distance learning: from 21st August 2023 to 22nd January 2024
Level 4 for Purchasing Managers

This programme was designed for procurement managers and directors. However, the pioneering and leadership spirit of the programme has attracted a variety of participants:

  • Purchasing managers with the ambition to lead development in the purchasing field.
  • Purchasing managers & directors willing to reflect on their experience and accelerate the development of their teams.
  • Executives and CPOs wishing to inject a new dynamic into their organisation.

Flex mode: a mix of face-to-face (1 week) and group online classes.


From 28th August to 22nd January 2024 

  • Face-to-face week: from 28th August to 1st September 2023
  • Distance learning: from 25th September 2023 to 22nd January 2024
Our commitment to quality improvement

Advisory Board

The EIPM Certification programmes are overseen by an Advisory Board comprised of Purchasing Executives from a good mix of industries, sectors and professional experiences.

The Advisory Board provides recommendation to EIPM to ensure full alignment with Purchasing & Supply Management leaders’ expectations for the future.

Philippe ARMENGAUD, Former CPO Bekaert

François BACALOU, SUEZ Water

Danijel BANEK, Atlantic Grupa

Jean-François BARIL, Connecting Partners

Jean-Philippe COLLIN, Former CPO Sanofi

Emmanuel ERBA, Capgemini

Dominique LEBIGOT, LVMH Wines & Spirits


EIPM certification programmes are accredited by