CPO Round Table

Navigating the Challenges of Today's Business Landscape

Gathering for Leaders

Businesses are being compelled to reassess their conventional working methods as a result of the increasing constraints on the international economy, emerging technology, and ever-stricter environmental rules. Leaders in purchasing have a distinctive chance to join together and address these pressing issues at the EIPM CPO Round Table. Attendees have the chance to benchmark and assess their strategies in a private and exclusive setting through conversations and the exchange of best practices.

Join us and be part of a community of like-minded professionals driving innovation and excellence in Purchasing.

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A Collaborative and customised agenda

The agenda of the CPO Round Table is crafted through a close collaboration with its participants, ensuring that the most pressing issues, current concerns, and successful case studies are addressed.
Attendees have the opportunity to actively shape the discussion by bringing their own experiences and insights to the table.

This collaborative approach not only guarantees a highly relevant and engaging agenda, but also allows attendees to leave the symposium with actionable strategies and solutions tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

Participants and goal

A comprehensive networking symposium on Purchasing Excellence

The CPO Round Table is a well-established forum that brings together a select group of leading executives and guest speakers. The event provides an exclusive and intimate setting for sharing knowledge and best practices. The CPO Round Table aims to provide a platform for the critical analysis of how purchasing management is practiced across different countries and industries. The symposium offers the attendees a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders, gain valuable insights to take back to their organisations, and deepen their grasp of purchasing management’s potential and challenges in the current global business environment.