Think Tank

Research at the heart

EIPM research aims to explore the continuously evolving state of purchasing organisations. We bring together companies to explore new topics as part of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Think Tank. We publish academic articles, annual white papers named EIPM value creation observatory and other publications. Our research results are shared during webinars open to everyone. Finally, EIPM research contributes to enhance all EIPM training programs.

Learning from others, benefit and opportunity sharing

Research outcomes and best practice exchanges

Over the past 10 years the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards have enabled to recognise many leading purchasing organisations. Regular exchanges have taken place amongst winning companies at the CPO level. Today, we believe that further exchanges across leading teams and joint research initiatives can accelerate progress in the Procurement culture.

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The EIPM Peter Kraljic Think Tank aims to:

Why the EIPM Peter Kraljic Think Tank?

Today, companies of every economic sector of all scopes have to face various and turbulent changes that generate many challenges for them. At EIPM, we strongly believe that there is strength and power in numbers. The sharing of talents, and know-how but also questionings within a group, broaden the vision of each member, and thus significantly increase its ability to consider and bring solutions. The EIPM Peter Kraljic Think Tank is an investment for the future of Procurement.

The Research Sprints concept

Four topics per year

Every year CPOs will identify four topics that will be investigated as part of the Research Sprints.

Each Sprint will last 3 months, two CPOs will act as sponsor for each Research Sprint.

The themes will either be derived from best practices identified as part of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards or selected by the CPOs amongst leading themes.

A proven research method

The method blends the best from academic research and the benchmarking methodology.

It follows a structured problem-solving approach that fosters critical thinking and enables participants to explore together what works.

Participating companies will be able to assess their performance and plan their progress against a framework developed as part of the research Sprint.

Structured facilitation

The Research Sprints mechanism

Research Sprints last 3 months. The first 6 weeks are dedicated to defining the problem and collecting information. Then a face-to-face workshop allows deep exchange amongst participants. The following 6 weeks are dedicated to aggregating, validating, and sharing the findings.

Step 1
Frame the theme
  • Define the theme, the field of investigation
  • Focus on the WHY
  • Development of a framework supporting the Research Sprint
  • Action plan
Step 2
Collect information
  • Academic research
  • Participants input
  • Survey
  • Individual assessment of companies
  • Good practices identification
Step 3
  • Academic research
  • Participants input
  • Survey
  • Individual assessment of companies
  • Good practices identification
Step 4
Validate the findings
  • Organise the findings’ frameworks, tools, testimonies, best practices, measures’
    implementation & tips
  • Validate findings with the sponsors
  • Agree on the release
Step 5
Share the findings
  • Leading change for innovation with the supplier
  • Designing the right organisation
  • Transforming the culture