Learning Modes

Delivering knowledge & know-how to you

Three modes of training

Blended Learning
Flex Learning
Full Digital Learning
Executive Diploma
Leading Purchasing Transformation: a certification for Managers
Delivering Purchasing Excellence: a certification for Category & Lead Buyers
Buying for Performance: a certification for Professionals Buyers
Discovering Purchasing: a certification for Newcomers
Open Courses
Executive Master Class
E-Learning Library
In-Company Trainings

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Blended learning mode

Participants alternate preparing classes through online self-study and participating in presential classes held at the EIPM campus in Archamps, France. Joining in for webinars or other specialised events may be part of this mode.

Participants with managing and executive roles usually favours this mode as it promotes initiative through projects and networking with their peers.

Flex learning mode

In this mode we use a mix of digital and presential mode to maximise exchanges amongst participants while reducing the need for travel. Participants are introduced to the breadth of a course through initial presential classes held at the EIPM campus in Archamps, and deepen the content through online self-study.

This mode balances sharpening knowledge and perfecting know-how, it is suitable for participants who want to improve on both fronts and engage with their peers.

Digital learning mode

The whole programme is delivered online; it includes a mix of e-learning self-study, online group classes (called virtual classes in our documentation) and one to one coaching. Virtual classes are interactive and focus on using and implementing tools and best practices.

This mode allows for more planning flexibility and is well suited for participants who are learning and upskilling in Procurement and who need to assimilate theoretical knowledge and learn how to implement it.

Highlights of our pedagogy

EIPM delivers theoretical learning in our E-learning library.

EIPM encourages social learning in our workshops, brainstorming and class discussions facilitated by our trainers.

EIPM promotes experiential learning through projects, business challenges and sprints coached by our instructors.

Embodying the 70/20/10 model for learning and development, EIPM designs its programmes by mixing carefully:

Online group classes (digital & flex modes):

  • Awareness class: discussions & brainstorming, introducing the breadth of a course topic
  • Virtual classes workshops & exercises: to implement and put the freshly acquired knowledge into practice
  • Virtual class role-plays and business cases: to exercise on a fictional case.

Residential weeks (blended & flex modes):

a 5-day face-to-face session that enables learners to put theory into practice. The face-to-face session is built on integrative cases, games and testimonials from Executive guest speakers.


to be studied individually online before some classes, delivering the main theory on a topic.

Readings & videos:

to be studied individually online before some classes, updating participant on the public discussion on a topic.

Burning issues:

to summarise a participant’s concerns and questions on a real case of his/her own.


to change an approach on one's own portfolio and implement a change.

Procurement challenges & business sprints:

to ask students to transform an approach in their day-to-day practice.

Public webinars:

to go deeper into a specific topic.