Discovering Purchasing: A Certification for Newcomers


Newcomers in procurement and internal stakeholders, who want to better understand the procurement function.  Equally suitable for a sales force looking to improve its effectiveness by understanding its clients’ practices in this domain.


Distance Learning: Digital learning platform, e-modules for preparatory self-study, and online group classes facilitated by an EIPM Professor.


1st session:  from 12th February to 15th April 2024
2nd session: From 19th August to 7th October 2024

In a nutshell

Programme objectives

The aim of the certification “Discovering Purchasing” is to explore the fundamentals of procurement by understanding the processes, tools, and practices. Participants will be able to implement best practices and build a procurement strategy.

What you will learn

Training content

As the certification prepares participants to take charge of a portfolio, the training will mainly focus on understanding the role of a buyer, the added value of procurement, the communication with stakeholders, the markets trends, the segmentation and priorities of a portfolio, the suppliers (how to manage the selection, relationship…) and the levers to implement a supplier strategy.