2024.05.30: “AI in Procurement”, a free webinar by EIPM

Introduction to AI in Procurement

In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine a situation where we aren’t in touch with Technology daily. With the rapid growth of AI solutions in different aspects of our lives, this notion is further strengthened. In this webinar, we dig into understanding some concepts around AI, the benefits that it brings and further, some key application areas within the Procurement function.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Introduction to AI and some definitions
  • Benefits of AI
  • AI in Procurement
  • Implementing AI solutions in Procurement

Who should attend?

We target curious and ambitious procurement and Supply Chain professionals – CPOs, Supply Chain Directors, Category Managers, Logistic Managers, Buyers Interested in getting an introductory knowledge about AI applications in Procurement.

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Manish Shanbhag

Manish Shanbhag has over 18 years of International experience in supply chain consulting  in the retail sector, Sourcing / Procurement in the Energy (manufacturing) and Transport sectors. Manish has several years of experience in defining and managing Sourcing and Performance methodologies, tools and key initiatives.

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