31st EIPM CPO Round Table: Procurement Frontiers: Shaping the Future with AI, Sustainability, and Talent.

In today’s rapidly evolving business ecosystem, Procurement is not just about transactions—it’s about transformation.

 The EIPM CPO Round Table delves into the dynamic interplay between AI, sustainability practices, and the cultivation of talent, charting new horizons for the procurement profession.

Join us as we navigate the procurement frontiers, harnessing the power of technology, sustainability, and talent to shape a brighter, more resilient future for your organization. Elevate your expertise, network with industry trailblazers, and gain invaluable insights to drive your procurement strategies forward.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to be at the forefront of Procurement innovation. Reserve your seat now and be part of shaping  the future of the industry!

To join the event, please contact Natalia at natalia.savitcaia@eipm.org.

This year the CPO Round Table will be hosted in Lavaux Region, Switzerland.

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