EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards 2023 winners

2023 awards winners

Pictured from left to right: Philippe Chraibi (EIPM), Maan Alothimeen (NHC), Milton Almeida & Anabela Pinto (Bondalti), Patricia Roxo (Rovensa), Maxi Glas (Savills), Jani Suomalainen (Valmet), George Keogh (Savills), Pierre Anger (EIPM), Herve Legenvre (EIPM), missing on the picture Kalekim Chemicals

Archamps, 27th March 2024.

The 14th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards was celebrated on 27th March 2024, as a face-to-face event in Paris.

Since 2010 the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognise procurement organisations around the world for their exceptional practices and for their exemplary nature.

The winners have been selected by a Jury which includes industry leaders. This was the culmination of a very objective and comprehensive selection process. The first step for the companies was to complete a questionnaire based on the EFQM/EIPM Excellence model. Their answers helped the Jury to determine the finalists. Then they went through a validation interview during which their practices were discussed and challenged against the best in class and most advanced ones by a team of experts.

2023 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards for Excellence recognise procurement organisations around the world that have demonstrated outstanding practices and results in the way they have managed the current context and delivered value to their company, stakeholders and society.

In this 2023 edition, the winners were awarded in the following categories:

  • Client Centric Procurement
  • Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Local Ecosystem Development Driver
  • Value Creation: Business and Sustainability
  • Value Creation: Internal Change Leader
  • Organisation of the Year

Mr. Hervé LEGENVRE, EIPM Research Director, announced the winners.

In alphabetical order, the 6 winners of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards 2023 are:

  • Bondalti (Portugal): Organisation of the Year

Bondalti, a chemical company based in Portugal. It is specialised in the production of both inorganic (chloralkalis) and organic (aniline) products.

Integral to Bondalti’s operations, the Procurement Department forms a critical component of the company’s supply chain organisation. This department plays a pivotal role in not only maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain but also in ensuring that the procurement strategies are in line with Bondalti’s vision of sustainable chemistry. The department is actively involved in sourcing materials and services that align with the company’s needs, innovation aspirations and sustainability goals. The procurement team is instrumental in supporting Bondalti’s foray into new and innovative business sectors, including hydrogen, carbon capture, and lithium refining. The procurement team has adopted a wealth of best practices and has developed strong relationships across the company and with stakeholders.

  • Kalekim Chemicals Co. INC (Turkey): Continuous Improvement Culture

Kale Group established Kalekim A.Ş. in 1973 to manufacture tile adhesives and grouting mortars for the first time in Turkey, which now continues on its path providing all kinds of construction chemicals for the industry as a leader especially for tile adhesives.

They have less than 50 people in Purchasing for a yearly spend under 100M€. The company is exporting to 80 countries, has 8 facilities in Turkey and operates in five countries.

We have seen clear evidence of cross-company collaboration and a strong focus on driving improvement. The procurement team uses a very effective platform for fostering collaboration and spearheading cross-functional projects. This initiative integrates professionals from various departments such as HR, Finance, R&D, and Operations. To ensure consistent progress and collaboration, members convene on a weekly basis. Each project is centred around a specific focus, aiming to address challenges and facilitate new development.

  • NHC: National Housing Company (Saudi Arabia): Local Ecosystem Development Driver

 NHC is in the real estate activities business. They have more than 50 employees in Procurement for a yearly spend over 20 000 M€.

At the heart of NHC procurement lies a strong commitment to continuous improvement. This dedication is evident in the robust feedback mechanisms the procurement team has put in place. These mechanisms ensure that the team remains consistently informed about potential areas of enhancement, enabling them to fine-tune their strategies effectively.

Moreover, NHC procurement stands at the forefront of industry modernisation, playing a crucial role in shaping the Saudi Arabia Kingdom’s construction ecosystem. While the procurement team is instrumental in achieving NHC’s localisation objectives, its influence extends far beyond. By steering suppliers towards the adoption of cutting-edge methods and technologies, NHC procurement paves the way for a more advanced and efficient construction landscape. This proactive approach not only ensures that suppliers’ operations remain contemporary but also significantly reduces construction costs. Finally, NHC procurement eases the localisation of state-of-the-art construction technologies within the Kingdom.

  • Rovensa SA (Portugal): Value Creation: Internal Change Leader

 Rovensa works in the sector of crop production and related service activities. The organisation has a global presence, employing 2,300 individuals worldwide.

Rovensa’s procurement team consists of 11 members located in Spain and Portugal. They are organised in categories covering Indirect Materials and services as Logistics, Studies, Marketing, IT and Fleet. The development of the procurement function began four years ago. Despite being a relatively new function, procurement plays a significant role in the company’s expansion.

Company’s procurement operational model is highly effective, with an excellent process approach and the use of digital tools that foster transparency across the organisation. This approach has been instrumental in unifying working methods throughout the company.

  • Savills Property Management (UK): Client Centric Procurement

Savills the company manages properties across all areas of real estate, at every stage of the development life cycle. 

The dedication and commitment of Savills’ service partner team combined with ongoing teamwork with other departments delivers value to Savills’ clients. A client centric procurement team is closely collaborating with other Savills’ team to respond to clients’ needs rapidly and effectively.

The company and the service partner team foster an environment where individuals are given opportunities for development and career growth. Savills’ procurement puts human value at the centre of the relationships it orchestrates. At Savills’ procurement, business realities and human values clearly go hand-in-hand.

  • Valmet Corporation (Finland): Value Creation: Business and Sustainability

Valmet is in the business of manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. They have less than 1 000 people in Purchasing for a yearly spend under 5 000 M€.

Valmet’s supply chain team has been instrumental in driving significant value to the business, with a keen focus on three core areas: flexibility, cost savings and sustainability.

This approach has not only enhanced the operational efficiency of the company but has also aligned with broader environmental and economic objectives. Over the past four years, Valmet has undergone a transformative journey, shifting from a decentralised framework to a centrally led organisation. This strategic move has yielded solid results, streamlined processes, and fostered a more cohesive and efficient supply chain management system.

Furthermore, Valmet has demonstrated a clear commitment to innovation. Valmet’s innovation projects are diverse, encompassing product and process innovation, design-to-cost initiatives and sustainability efforts. A notable project is the ‘Beyond Circularity’ initiative, which adopts an ecosystem approach. This project underscores Valmet’s dedication to not just incremental improvements but also to groundbreaking changes that redefine industry standards. Valmet has taken pragmatic steps towards sustainability, by involving over 100 suppliers in carbon reduction initiatives and providing them with targeted training.

Overall, these award-winning organisations have enabled their businesses to navigate the current economic climate, while continuing to transform their processes and tools, improving their internal and external relationships. Whether they build on exceptional internal collaboration, innovation or strong supplier relationships, these procurement teams have been able to meet and exceed the needs of their stakeholders and helps their companies move towards a more sustainable future.


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Happy New Year from all of us at EIPM!

As we embark on a new year, our team is grateful for the opportunity to serve and grow with you and we look forward to another year of providing our customers with the knowledge and tools to excel in their purchasing journey.



After 33 years of unrivalled achievements, Bernard Gracia, our founder, has decided to take a step back. For decades, Bernard has put his passion and energy into building a unique institute where applied research, innovative assessment tools, CPO networking events and training excellence combine forces to fuel our customers’ breakthroughs in their purchasing endeavours.

The entire EIPM team wants to thank Bernard for his lasting legacy. His forthcoming role as a senior advisor to MEOGROUP, our mother company, is a testament to his continued commitment to the field and his dedication to supporting the EIPM’s growth and success.

To take over, no less than two seasoned professionals are joining the EIPM. 
Welcome to Pierre Anger and Philippe Chraibi, our newly appointed Managing Partners! 

Pierre and Philippe are bringing in a wealth of experience in Purchasing, Sales, Training, Education, and Digital tools. These are definite assets for the future of EIPM, whose mission is to deliver state-of-the-art upskilling solutions in one of the most complex and fast-changing contexts that the purchasing world has ever had to face: digitalization and AI, climate change and decarbonization, geostrategic instability, energy and resource shortage…

What to expect from EIPM in 2024? 

  • New publications
  • New training courses
  • New pedagogies
  • New technologies

Details of these novelties will be announced regularly. Stay tuned on LinkedIn!

In the meantime, Pierre and Philippe look forward to meeting with you and are enthusiastic about developing the EIPM 4.0!

May the purchasing force be with you.

Contact: https://eipm.org/contact-us/



Hervé Legenvre, EIPM Research Director, has been writing articles for the European Business Review for a few years now. 
To stay updated with EBR, you can follow them on their social media platforms:

Facebook: @TheEuroBuzRev

Twitter: @TEBReview

LinkedIn: The European Business Review

Saudi Procurement Conference

On october 4-5, Bernard Gracia EIPM former Director will be speaker at the 2023 Saudi Procurement conference. During this event Bernard will speak on  How Procurement Will Navigate Future Crises. 

Saudi Procurement Conference in its third edition brings together professionals and experts from around the world with diverse fields to present the latest innovations and technologies, discuss the industry challenges, introduce new solutions and, generate business opportunities between all participants. As it is critical for procurement leaders and their teams to stay up to speed with the latest strategies and techniques to meet the challenges from both inside the procurement organization and outside. The conference will cover comprehensive experiences and promises to offer first-hand insight, procurement workshops, best practices and practical takeaways that will enable you to achieve top-line growth.The conference will discuss the following agenda related to Procurement such as: 

  • The Future of Procurement: Trends and Technologies to Watch in 2024
  • Framework Contracts: Best Practices and Strategies for Effective Implementation
  • Procurement and Sustainability: Strategies for Building a Greener Supply Chain
  • The Impact of Digital Transformation on Procurement: Lessons Learned and Best Practices
  • Procurement Risk Management: Strategies for Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Business Continuity
  • Innovations in Procurement: Emerging Trends and Technologies Shaping the Future of the Industry.

The conference is open to all participants looking to get to know all the current content in the procurement field in Saudi Arabia.


More information:

Une nouvelle étape stratégique du développement de l’EIPM

L’EIPM, acteur clé de la formation dans le domaine des Achats, est fier d’annoncer le rapprochement avec MEOGROUP (holding du groupe MEOTEC) reconnu dans le conseil stratégique et opérationnel depuis 2005 en France et à l’international.

MEOGROUP et EIPM, experts dans leur domaine respectif, créent ainsi un pôle de compétences renforcé au service de la professionnalisation des acheteurs et de la performance des fonctions Achats.

Lire le communiqué de presse

EIPM’s role in changing our purchasing world, by Bernard Gracia

33 years ago, a group of international companies created the first European and worldwide centre for Purchasing and Supply Management research, education, training, and networking. This first centre was named the EIPM – The European Institute of Purchasing Management HQ , or EIPM.

Since its creation:

  • many companies have shifted from using the term “Purchasing” to “Procurement,”
  • priorities of procurement teams have evolved from savings only to a broader set of value creation opportunities.
  • companies are moving away from low-cost-country sourcing to focus on ecosystems,
  • bargaining negotiations have given way to supplier relationship management (SRM).

These changes reflect the evolving world of Procurement.
For over 30 years, EIPM has been at the forefront of these changes, leading the way through various initiatives, including:

  • the EIPM Research Centre, which has developed a purchasing/procurement school of thought, including the Value Creation Observatory and the EIPM Peter Kraljic Think Tank,
  • structured education programmes offered in 9 languages to worldwide buyers and executives,
  • focused training programmes for some of the largest companies in the world,
  • the development (of one) of the largest e-library(ies) of online learning modules,
  • the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards, which though a rigorous process, recognise the excellence of Purchasing organisations impacting their company, society and the environment,
  • the EIPM Network of CPOs and professionals who attend different events throughout the year, where expertise, good practices, friendship, simplicity, and openness are shared.

Over the years, EIPM has proven that to lead procurement transformation, you need the right group of experts with the best technical expertise, teaching knowledge, and a great sense of humanity. EIPM is committed to maintaining and reinforcing its global leadership in the years to come.

Join the EIPM spirit and change your Procurement world.

Bernard GRACIA

EIPM Founder


EIPM workshop at the Universités des Achats – 28th June 2023 at 2:00 pm

Magali MugnierIn-Company & Talent Assessment Project Manager,

Hervé LegenvreResearch Director & Programme Manager, both at EIPM,

and Olivier PhilippotChief Purchasing Officer at Vallourec, as a special guest

will lead a workshop at UDA 2023:

“Challenges for the Purchasing function: how to assess the buyer’s skills to develop an individualised training programme?”

This EIPM workshop will provide an overview of the key issues related to buyer assessment and training, as well as the trends that are redefining the buyer’s job by addressing the following points:

  • Buyer skills assessment as a springboard to purchasing performance.
  • Mistakes to avoid and best practices to adopt when assessing buyer skills.
  • How to design training programmes that boost collective intelligence.
  • Some useful tips for designing a training programme which facilitates and enhances change within the company.
  • Themes related to digitalisation, decarbonisation or geopolitics which push the buyer to embrace uncertainty, to both learn and act differently.

We looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday 28 June at 14:00 at the Universités des Achats

Find out more about the Universités des Achats:  Sessions ateliers (cna-asso.fr)

 = = = = =

Atelier EIPM / Vallourec aux Universités des Achats 2023, le 28 juin à 14 :00

Olivier Philippot – Chief Purchasing Officer à Vallourec,

Magali Mugnier In-Company & Talent Assessment Project Manager et

Hervé LegenvreResearch Director & Programme Manager, tous deux au sein de l’EIPM,

animeront un atelier au sein des UDA 2023 : Enjeux de la fonction Achat : comment évaluer les compétences de l’acheteur pour construire un programme de formation adapté ?

Cet atelier fournira un aperçu des enjeux clés liés à l’évaluation de l’acheteur et à la formation, ainsi que des tendances qui redéfinissent le métier de l’acheteur en abordant les points suivants :

  • L’évaluation des compétences de l’acheteur comme un tremplin de la performance Achat.
  • Les erreurs à éviter et les bonnes pratiques à adopter lors de l’évaluation des compétences de l’acheteur.
  • Comment concevoir des programmes de formation qui boostent l’intelligence collective.
  • Quelques astuces pour concevoir un programme de formation comme un accélérateur de changement pour l’entreprise.
  • Les thématiques liées à la digitalisation, la décarbonation ou la géopolitique qui pousse l’acheteur à embrasser l’incertitude et agir mais aussi apprendre différemment.

Rendez-vous le mercredi 28 mai à 14h00 pour en découvrir davantage.

Programme des Ateliers et inscription : Universités des Achats (cna-asso.fr)

The 12th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards

The 12th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards was celebrated on January 12, 2022, at Archamps, in a virtual manner due to the pandemic. The event was piloted from EIPM’s headquarters and involved participants and speakers from all over the world. The use of a streaming platform made it possible for hundreds of people to view the event in real time Among the activities of the evening, we must mention a presentation by Neale O’Connor, Professor at the Monash University on “Sourcing Shift: Managing Supply Chains Across the Regions”, a summary by Hervé Legenvre, PhD director of research and professor at EIPM, on the lessons for the future from this year winners. Last year winner of the “Organisation of the Year Award” Emmanuel Erba, CPO at Capgemini described what are his expectation for future award winners. The event top moment was the presentation of diplomas and trophies to the winners of the 2021 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards of Excellence. Since 2010 the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognize purchasing organizations around the world for their exceptional practices and for their exemplary nature. As a result of the pandemic, this year’s process has been adapted both in terms of its perspective, focused on the reactions of purchasing organizations to this crisis and its consequences, and its “contactless” process. The winners are selected by a jury that comprised industry leaders. This is the culmination of a very objective and comprehensive selection process. The companies are selected based on their answers to a based on the EFQM Excellence model, followed for those candidates declared as finalist by the jury, by a validation interview of their practices, carried out exceptionally this year by videoconference. 2021 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards for Excellence recognize Purchasing organisations that demonstrated outstanding practices and results in the way they managed throughout the current turbulent times and delivered value to their company, their stakeholders, and for the society, with a focus on how these organisations have contributed. In this 2021 edition, the winners were awarded in the following categories: • Collaborative Value Creation • Adaptability and Growth • Sustainability • Innovation & Transformation Leadership • Integration & Resilience Mr. Bernard Gracia, EIPM President, announced the winners and the trophies were presented by Emmanuel Erba, 2020 winner of the “Organisation of the Year Award”. In alphabetical order, the winners of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards 2021 are:
  •  Group Clarins Procurement: Collaborative Value Creation Award for Excellence. The organisation is being honoured for extending the logic of relationship management to interactions, spanning from supplier employees to clients and competitor representatives. It integrated sustainability in all procurement activities and goals and introduced Innovation initiatives to deliver more value for the business.
  •  DYO Boya Purchasing Team: Adaptability and Growth Award for Excellence. The team supported the significant company growth by implementing a range of appropriate strategies, taking advantage over competitors, developing alternative sources and new products with suppliers and working closely with sales, while achieving all expected financial and operational targets.
  •  Energias De Portugal Global Procurement Unit: Sustainability Award for Excellence. EDP GPU ensured continuity of operations. Successfully supported challenges in production, sourcing of materials, protection of employees and contractors in installations. Introduced new sustainability priorities and targets. Made progresses on their roadmaps.
  • Röchling Automotive Procurement: Innovation & Transformation Leadership Award for Excellence. Despite very difficult situations (force majeure, shortage, logistics, price increases) procurement radically improved its role and image as creator of value, becoming a highly trusted organisation. Achieved expected strategic objectives while engaging the team with an innovative inclusive approach.
  •  Vodafone Procurement Company: Integration & Resilience Award for Excellence. Vodafone procurement company has sharpened the implementation of highly digitized end-to-end processes that ensure responsiveness and high quality of service to all stakeholders. This is resulting in unified, seamless, and resilient procurement capabilities. Supply chain resilience is managed through a comprehensive and automatic screening of predefined risks with an automatic workflow that helps mitigate risks.
In summary these awarded organizations have enabled their company to both overcome the consequences of this crisis and develop their activities, while continuing to transform their processes and tools, and improving their internal and external relations. The rewarded organisations have continued, even in this troubled period, to develop their capabilities to meet and exceed the needs of their partners by projecting themselves into the foreseeable evolution of the expectations of consumers and of society.