Happy New Year from all of us at EIPM!

As we embark on a new year, our team is grateful for the opportunity to serve and grow with you and we look forward to another year of providing our customers with the knowledge and tools to excel in their purchasing journey.



After 33 years of unrivalled achievements, Bernard Gracia, our founder, has decided to take a step back. For decades, Bernard has put his passion and energy into building a unique institute where applied research, innovative assessment tools, CPO networking events and training excellence combine forces to fuel our customers’ breakthroughs in their purchasing endeavours.

The entire EIPM team wants to thank Bernard for his lasting legacy. His forthcoming role as a senior advisor to MEOGROUP, our mother company, is a testament to his continued commitment to the field and his dedication to supporting the EIPM’s growth and success.

To take over, no less than two seasoned professionals are joining the EIPM. 
Welcome to Pierre Anger and Philippe Chraibi, our newly appointed Managing Partners! 

Pierre and Philippe are bringing in a wealth of experience in Purchasing, Sales, Training, Education, and Digital tools. These are definite assets for the future of EIPM, whose mission is to deliver state-of-the-art upskilling solutions in one of the most complex and fast-changing contexts that the purchasing world has ever had to face: digitalization and AI, climate change and decarbonization, geostrategic instability, energy and resource shortage…

What to expect from EIPM in 2024? 

  • New publications
  • New training courses
  • New pedagogies
  • New technologies

Details of these novelties will be announced regularly. Stay tuned on LinkedIn!

In the meantime, Pierre and Philippe look forward to meeting with you and are enthusiastic about developing the EIPM 4.0!

May the purchasing force be with you.

Contact: https://eipm.org/contact-us/

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