EIPM’s role in changing our purchasing world, by Bernard Gracia

33 years ago, a group of international companies created the first European and worldwide centre for Purchasing and Supply Management research, education, training, and networking. This first centre was named the EIPM – The European Institute of Purchasing Management HQ , or EIPM.

Since its creation:

  • many companies have shifted from using the term “Purchasing” to “Procurement,”
  • priorities of procurement teams have evolved from savings only to a broader set of value creation opportunities.
  • companies are moving away from low-cost-country sourcing to focus on ecosystems,
  • bargaining negotiations have given way to supplier relationship management (SRM).

These changes reflect the evolving world of Procurement.
For over 30 years, EIPM has been at the forefront of these changes, leading the way through various initiatives, including:

  • the EIPM Research Centre, which has developed a purchasing/procurement school of thought, including the Value Creation Observatory and the EIPM Peter Kraljic Think Tank,
  • structured education programmes offered in 9 languages to worldwide buyers and executives,
  • focused training programmes for some of the largest companies in the world,
  • the development (of one) of the largest e-library(ies) of online learning modules,
  • the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards, which though a rigorous process, recognise the excellence of Purchasing organisations impacting their company, society and the environment,
  • the EIPM Network of CPOs and professionals who attend different events throughout the year, where expertise, good practices, friendship, simplicity, and openness are shared.

Over the years, EIPM has proven that to lead procurement transformation, you need the right group of experts with the best technical expertise, teaching knowledge, and a great sense of humanity. EIPM is committed to maintaining and reinforcing its global leadership in the years to come.

Join the EIPM spirit and change your Procurement world.

Bernard GRACIA

EIPM Founder

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