2024.10.10: People Development Strategies for Procurement Professionals

Join Us at the People Development Workshop!

Are you an HR professional, People Development expert, Training specialist, Chief Procurement Officer, or senior Purchasing/Procurement professional? This exclusive forum is designed just for you!

Why Attend?

Learn Best Practices: Discover cutting-edge strategies and share experiences on developing high-performing procurement teams.

Enhance Team Capabilities: Equip your procurement teams with advanced skills and innovative approaches to deliver substantial value and strategic advantage.

Connect with Industry Leaders: Network with top professionals in HR, training, and procurement, and build valuable relationships.

Share Success Stories: Discover real-world examples of how industry leaders have achieved excellence in team development and procurement.

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This workshop serves as a vital meeting point where industry leaders can exchange best practices, discuss advanced strategies, and share challenges and success stories in developing high-performing procurement teams.

In today’s competitive landscape, the role of procurement teams extends beyond mere cost-cutting. Effective team development in procurement not only drives efficiency but also significantly contributes to the top-line growth of companies. By equipping your teams with advanced skills and innovative approaches, they can deliver substantial value and strategic advantage to your organization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with peers, gain valuable insights, and enhance the capabilities of your procurement teams to foster both operational excellence and business growth.


Wojciech Minda

Procurement Excellence Manager, Philip Morris International

Wojciech brings 17 years of corporate procurement know-how to the table to shape the capability development programme for 500 global procurement pros. He’s a strong advocate of pushing past the classical capabilities like negotiations or category management, injecting fresh topics like innovation and risk management into the learning mix. Wojciech deploys an adaptive framework to flexibly feed the function with the blend of what is needed for procurement to be world class business partner.

Dominique Lebigot

Chief Purchasing Officer, LVMH Wines & Spirits

Leading the LVMH Wines & Spirits purchasing team for the last 11 years, Dominique’s unparalleled expertise stands as a beacon of excellence in the global purchasing community. Having held senior purchasing roles across diverse industries, his visionary leadership has solidified his status as an undeniable authority in procurement worldwide.

Herve Legenvre

Research Director, EIPM

Hervé blends academic and practitioner thinking to create unique learning experiences.
He continuously looks at the trends that will shape the business world. He believes that the competitive edge of companies will increasingly be co-created with suppliers and other external partners. He has developped methodologies to map business ecosystems and to create IoT vision.

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