Online Industry Roundtable – The Evolution of Data-Sharing in Automotive Supply Chains Research Initiative

This online industry Roundtable is organised by EIPM, in collaboration with the MIT Scale program at the University of Luxembourg (LCL) and o9 solutions, an enterprise AI software platform provider.

The roundtable offers a unique opportunities for industry representatives and academic to explore the data-sharing landscape within automotive supply chains. It brings prominent speakers from industry and academia. This event is setup to provoke meaningful dialogue, to inspire cooperative efforts, and to mainstream key strategies for the automotive industry.

Industry representatives are invited to join us for this series of presentations, discussions and workshops.

Following the event, the research findings, including scenarios for the future, will be compiled into a white paper.

It will provide industry leaders, policymakers, and academics with insights into the evolution of data sharing practices, their impact on the automotive supply chain, and strategies for achieving optimal collaboration and efficiency.

Speakers - Panel discussants - Moderators

Oliver Ganser

CEO Catena-X & VP BMW

Hanno Focken

Managing director Catena-X

Hervé legenvre

Research Director EIPM

Jonas Gossler

Director Industry Solutions o9 Solutions

Benny Mantin

Professor, Director of LCL, University of Luxembourg

Florian Schupp

Head of Purchasing Schaeffler

Samuel Davron

Operations Director Sonceboz


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