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2022 Awards

December 15, 2022

The 13th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards was celebrated on December 15, 2022, as a face-to-face event in Paris, resuming from 2 years of virtual celebrations.

The ceremony followed an afternoon working session of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Think Tank that was attended by several of the past winners of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards and participants from Europe and MEA.

The ceremony was introduced by Bernard Gracia EIPM President and Chris Oanda, President of IFPSM, the The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management and the President of the 2022 Award Jury. Dr Hervé Legenvre & Francois Dousset, EIPM Professors lead a discussion on the current purchasing landscape and what are the mandatory leadership features to be successful.

The evening most expected moment was the presentation of diplomas and trophies to the winners of the 2022 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards of Excellence.

Since 2010 the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognise purchasing organisations around the world for their exceptional practices and for their exemplary nature.

The winners are selected by a Jury that comprises industry leaders. This is the culmination of a very objective and comprehensive selection process. The companies were first declared by the Jury as finalists based on their answers to a questionnaire based on the EFQM/EIPM Excellence model. Then they went through a validation interview or visit during which their practices were discussed and challenged against the best in class and most advanced ones by a team of experts.

2022 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards for Excellence recognise Purchasing organisations around the world that demonstrated outstanding practices and results in the way they managed throughout the current context and delivered value to their company, their stakeholders, and for the society.

In this 2022 edition, the winners were awarded in the following categories:

  • Value Creation and Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability and Supplier Collaboration
  • Impactful Business Orientation
  • Circular Ecosystems
  • Transformation Excellence
  • Organisation of the Year

Mr. Bernard Gracia, EIPM President, announced the winners and the trophies were presented by Chris Oanda, President of IFPSM.

In alphabetical order, the 6 winners of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards 2022 are:

EIFFAGE Direction Achats: Strategic Value creation and Entrepreneurship

  • Procurement plays a pivotal role in the company digitalisation and decarbonation strategy by spearheading new projects and supporting initiatives that impact on the whole company.
  • The procurement team is a role model of the company entrepreneurial spirit. The team, mobilizes and influences business entities and enables collaboration across the company.
  • A structured digital landscape supports all procurement activities. A catalogue with over one million references is in place and a digital comparator offers anyone across the company precise information on the carbon footprint of the purchase they need.
  • The low carbon strategy is extensively supported by the procurement organisation. This spans measurement, reporting, improvement, and the engagement of supplier in concrete projects.
  • Procurement delivers ongoing performance while addressing the long-term goals of the company and supporting cultural changes.
  • Supported the significant company growth by implementing a range of appropriate strategies, taking advantage over competitors, developing alternative sources and new products with suppliers, and working closely with sales, while achieving all expected financial and operational targets.


EDP – ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL Global Procurement: Sustainability and Supplier Collaboration

The organisation is honoured for the following initiatives:

  • EDP leads the industry DJSI for supply chain with a score of 99 out of 100.
  • Sustainability is systematically integrated in all decision-making processes through diverse assessments, analysis and innovative development.
  • Ambitious decarbonation and circular economy approaches are developed.
  • Relationships with suppliers are managed in a systematic and structured way and the access to supplier information is supported by digital solutions.
  • There is a balanced focus on risks, sustainability, and innovation in all decisions related to suppliers.
  • Procurement contributes to innovative projects that combine supplier collaboration, sustainability, and innovation to support business development activities.


NOS Procurement: Impactful Business Orientation

  • The procurement team operates with a business mindset that contributes to revenue generation with multiple projects that offered unique advantages to the company and its clients
  • It generates partnerships initiatives with significant business impact. For instance, procurement has supported the creation of an Ecosystem around 5G to unlock value of 5G. This ecosystem includes start-ups, suppliers, and other partners.
  • Also, some circular, sustainability initiatives address customer hardware.
  • Continuous improvements are driven by frequent periodic and systematic feedback from stakeholders and suppliers.


SOGRAPE VINHOS Procurement: Circular Ecosystems

  • ESG and biodiversity are part of the company focus
  • A carbon footprint assessment based on lifecycle analysis was performed in 2020 to set change priorities
  • Collaborative projects are in place with stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Three large scale circular ecosystem projects were initiated by procurement.
  • One of them focuses on glass recycling in Portugal. It involves the Smart Waste Portugal Association, local authorities, glass producers, distributors, clients and waste collection companies.
  • Another project focuses on turning production waste in different applications through collaborations with partner companies and universities.
  • A multiparty collaboration between packaging suppliers and distributors considers using re-usable boxes for the delivery of product.


TASNEE Procurement: Transformation Excellence

  • A strategy department and a procurement enablement team were created to support the procurement transformation effort and to design policies and practices
  • Procurement leaders participate in diverse steering committees that influence the annual plans and key decisions. For performance management, an on-line segmented dashboard, with a full drill-down capabilities, is in place.
  • Risk management is conducted in a structured and systematic way. Procurement market intelligence has evolved into a capability that supports the full company including sales and strategic decisions.
  • The digitalisation roadmap comprise system enhancements that favour productivity and visibility
  • A structured and systematic approach to localisation is in place. Initiatives related to sustainability, green energy, waste management and recycling are under progress.


VODAFONE Procurement Company: Organisation of the Year

  • The VPC organisation has established leading-edge practices with short- & long-term business impact. This includes, for instance, the following development
  • Innovation and revenue generation projects supported by the VPC Start-Up incubator, Tomorrow Street, and the company’s strategic alliances.
  • A standardisation initiative for networks that generates faster time to market, complexity reduction, logistic cost reduction and improved customer service.
  • A Design-to-cost lab with advanced AI capabilities that covers all business requirements.
  • A fully deployed “combating Inflation” initiative integrated within category strategies.
  • Highly digitiSed end-to-end process that create unified, real time, seamless and resilient procurement capabilities
  • A structured sustainability programme focusing on safety, diversity, and environmental performance.


In summary these awarded organisations have enabled their company to both navigate through the current post-Covid and war context, while continuing to transform their processes and tools, and improving their internal and external relations, and developing their capabilities to meet and exceed the needs of their partners by projecting themselves into the evolutions of the expectations of consumers and of society.


During the ceremony we had a call with Peter Kraljic

Here is the transcription:

Bernard Gracia (BG) Peter! Thanks for joining us tonight for this 13th ceremony of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards. First question. How are you now?

Peter Kraljik (PK) Thank you for calling me and compliments and congratulations to all the people who are here. I’m well, I was checked, and the doctor was very happy. And so is my wife. We are well. Thank you very much.

BG: Thank you, Peter for this great news. My next question is: You have been the President for 13 years of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards. Do you see an evolution in the procurement world and do you see an evolution in the companies awarded? Can you say some words about that?

PK: I am impressed. Just after I got this year’s presentation, I looked at it and then I looked at some of the presentations we had in the past and I am amazed and impressed by the progress done in purchasing and supply functions over the last 12 or 13 years. This year, there are new topics which were something we didn’t even think about 10 or 12 years ago. If you just think what we’re talking about today, like business orientation or circular ecosystems, transformation excellence or entrepreneurship, these are all very important items. So, compliments to all participants and all companies involved. For me, this is a clear sign of our progress, of the terrific progress of companies and of the purchasing and supply function. So, compliments to everyone involved over the last 13 years. This is a real progress.

BG: Thank you Peter. To conclude… some advice for the procurement world and for potential companies who are running for awards for next year?

PK: The only advice would be to continue not only to source new suppliers but also to develop new responses to the changing political and technological environment we are seeing. These changes are progressing very fast. We have seen over the last 20 years more technological progress and political changes than in the decades before. So, my only suggestion would be to keep pace with this development and continue to become an even more integrated central function in any corporation, be it small or big, like this year’s awards. We see in companies of different sizes, a wide range of purchasing involvement in business matters. It shows that purchasing or supply management is really becoming a core function for any corporation. That would be my only advice.

BG: Thank you, Peter.

PK: Thank you also to you and compliments to the EIPM for all this effort. I think you’re really becoming a very important change agent in the whole area. So, compliments to all of you, your whole team and to all participants. And congratulations to the winners and have a great evening.


December 15, 2022
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