Digitalising procurement: where are we heading?

The digitalisation of procurement is an ongoing effort. We are constantly seeking to improve our tools and systems to:

  • Simplify the work being done by buyers, stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Offering user friendly systems to everyone.
  • Aggregating reliable data from multiple sources into a single place
  • Providing more insights on sustainability, risks and market intelligence
  • Enabling effective collaborative decision making

In this webinar, we will have two guests who worked in Procurement and decided to start a company. We will exchange with them on the points above and we will discuss their experience.


Hervé Legenvre

Hervé blends academic and practical thinking to create unique learning experiences. He continuously looks at the trends that will shape the business world. He believes that the competitive edge of companies will increasingly be co-created with suppliers and other external partners. He has developped methodologies to map business ecosystems and to create IoT vision. Professor & Director of the Value Creation Observatory EIPM - The European Institute of Purchasing Management.

Mélanie Lehoux

Graduated from INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) and holder of an Executive MBA from EIPM (European Institute of Purchasing Management), Mélanie Lehoux is the founder of iSYBUY. Formerly an Operations Engineer and then Procurement Manager within a large corporation, she established iSYBUY in 2016 with the aim of designing innovative digital solutions dedicated to expense management for mid-sized companies (ETI).

Detlef Schultz

Detlef is driving akirolabs vision and customer activities. In his stellar 30+ years career, he was the Founder and CEO of the Vodafone Procurement Company and still remains as Chairman. He is also an investor and advisor to several start-ups. Detlef is also Procurement Leaders’ Lifetime Achievement Award Laureate.

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