Art-based trainings: anything to do with Procurement skills?

What’s the problem?​

  • Procurement grew in times of massification & commoditisation​
  • Procurement reason-to-be was build around a process and tools​
  • Process fluence is a must, and analytical skills don’t make the difference ​
  • Procurement people need to conceive new ideas, take risks, create value ​
  • Buyers need to think large and think long term​
  • Conventional trainings miss professional development ​

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Introduction: leadership wanted​
  • Procurement needs to learn, un-learn, re-learn​
  • Which skills do we need now? ​
  • Arts-based trainings ​
  • Impacts on buyers’ social skills ​
  • Improving Procurement’s cognitive competence ​
  • Boosting entrepreneurship ​
  • Best practices: examples in Procurement

The intention of this webinar:

EIPM believes that buyers needs to: ​

  • Become internal or external entrepreneurs ​
  • Develop their personal leadership to develop Procurement’s leadership ​
  • Shift their conception of Procurement, and their perception of themselves ​
  • Train in other ways to become buyers 2.0​

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François Dousset

François Dousset works as consultant and trainer for Supply Management. He is specialised in Purchasing Techniques and methodology, with particular interest in market analysis, strategic positioning and cost and value management. In addition to that, he trains and coaches teams to Negotiation, Leadership and to organisation and change management. list of clients he has been working with varies from Oil and Gas Industries to Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications industry, Electrics, and it includes BULL, MINISTRY OF HEALTH in France and in Brazil, SIEMENS PGI, VODAFONE, LEGRAND, NSN, NOKIA, FRIESLAND FOOD, BAYER, MICHELIN PSA, SABIC, SAFRAN, BOMBARDIER, SCHLUMBERGER, Saint-Gobain, etc.

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