The 12th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards

The 12th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards was celebrated on January 12, 2022, at Archamps, in a virtual manner due to the pandemic. The event was piloted from EIPM’s headquarters and involved participants and speakers from all over the world. The use of a streaming platform made it possible for hundreds of people to view the event in real time Among the activities of the evening, we must mention a presentation by Neale O’Connor, Professor at the Monash University on “Sourcing Shift: Managing Supply Chains Across the Regions”, a summary by Hervé Legenvre, PhD director of research and professor at EIPM, on the lessons for the future from this year winners. Last year winner of the “Organisation of the Year Award” Emmanuel Erba, CPO at Capgemini described what are his expectation for future award winners. The event top moment was the presentation of diplomas and trophies to the winners of the 2021 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards of Excellence. Since 2010 the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognize purchasing organizations around the world for their exceptional practices and for their exemplary nature. As a result of the pandemic, this year’s process has been adapted both in terms of its perspective, focused on the reactions of purchasing organizations to this crisis and its consequences, and its “contactless” process. The winners are selected by a jury that comprised industry leaders. This is the culmination of a very objective and comprehensive selection process. The companies are selected based on their answers to a based on the EFQM Excellence model, followed for those candidates declared as finalist by the jury, by a validation interview of their practices, carried out exceptionally this year by videoconference. 2021 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards for Excellence recognize Purchasing organisations that demonstrated outstanding practices and results in the way they managed throughout the current turbulent times and delivered value to their company, their stakeholders, and for the society, with a focus on how these organisations have contributed. In this 2021 edition, the winners were awarded in the following categories: • Collaborative Value Creation • Adaptability and Growth • Sustainability • Innovation & Transformation Leadership • Integration & Resilience Mr. Bernard Gracia, EIPM President, announced the winners and the trophies were presented by Emmanuel Erba, 2020 winner of the “Organisation of the Year Award”. In alphabetical order, the winners of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards 2021 are:
  •  Group Clarins Procurement: Collaborative Value Creation Award for Excellence. The organisation is being honoured for extending the logic of relationship management to interactions, spanning from supplier employees to clients and competitor representatives. It integrated sustainability in all procurement activities and goals and introduced Innovation initiatives to deliver more value for the business.
  •  DYO Boya Purchasing Team: Adaptability and Growth Award for Excellence. The team supported the significant company growth by implementing a range of appropriate strategies, taking advantage over competitors, developing alternative sources and new products with suppliers and working closely with sales, while achieving all expected financial and operational targets.
  •  Energias De Portugal Global Procurement Unit: Sustainability Award for Excellence. EDP GPU ensured continuity of operations. Successfully supported challenges in production, sourcing of materials, protection of employees and contractors in installations. Introduced new sustainability priorities and targets. Made progresses on their roadmaps.
  • Röchling Automotive Procurement: Innovation & Transformation Leadership Award for Excellence. Despite very difficult situations (force majeure, shortage, logistics, price increases) procurement radically improved its role and image as creator of value, becoming a highly trusted organisation. Achieved expected strategic objectives while engaging the team with an innovative inclusive approach.
  •  Vodafone Procurement Company: Integration & Resilience Award for Excellence. Vodafone procurement company has sharpened the implementation of highly digitized end-to-end processes that ensure responsiveness and high quality of service to all stakeholders. This is resulting in unified, seamless, and resilient procurement capabilities. Supply chain resilience is managed through a comprehensive and automatic screening of predefined risks with an automatic workflow that helps mitigate risks.
In summary these awarded organizations have enabled their company to both overcome the consequences of this crisis and develop their activities, while continuing to transform their processes and tools, and improving their internal and external relations. The rewarded organisations have continued, even in this troubled period, to develop their capabilities to meet and exceed the needs of their partners by projecting themselves into the foreseeable evolution of the expectations of consumers and of society.

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