Re-imagining procurement with digital solutions

On the 31st of August and 1st of September 2021 the EIPM CPO Roundtable was hosted by Capgemini. This was a great opportunity to discover and […]

2021 CPO RoundTable

28th EIPM CPOs ROUNDTABLE 1st Post-Covid Face-to-Face Meeting for Global CPOs In Paris on Aug. 31st & Sep. 1st   Part of the EIPM 30th Anniversary, […]

Technology commons create perfect markets

Below the upper layers of the internet, modularity and openness are the dominant forces that enable innovation and cost efficiencies across the digital infrastructure. Thanks to modularity, […]

Webinar: Strategic Procurement Transformation

A fresh perspective on Strategic Procurement Transformation – is it possible to digitize the strategy? Digitization is a great chance for the procurement professionals. Our aspiration […]
The rise of open supply chains

The rise of open supply chains

Today Open architectures, Open Hardware and Open Source Software are making progress across diverse industries where they could disrupt supply chains and bring to life open […]

A radical transformation in the development of Purchasing competences

HR development is revolutionizing the way we develop Purchasing people, since new generations have started to enter the job market. In the purchasing departments of multinational […]