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Webinar: How Procurement is perceived by stakeholders

November 10, 2022

The statement

What’s the problem?

      • Procurement has historically emerged as a support function
      • Procurement is traditionally measured on the reduction of costs and risks
      • Procurement is confronted with market, technology and cost opportunities
      • Procurement needs to change what stakeholders expect from us
      • Procurement needs to re-format its relations with stakeholders

The intention of this webinar

EIPM believes that Procurement needs to:

      • Gauge how stakeholders perceive us
      • Change the perception by stakeholders
      • Take initiatives
      • Be disruptive
      • Monitor their perception of Procurement
      • Measure our value contribution

The synopsis of this webinar

The themes of this webinar are:

      • Surveying stakeholders’perceptions
      • Increasing mutual cognition
      • Improving stakeholders’satisfaction
      • Undertake disrupting endeavors
      • Fostering value-creating relationships
      • Monitoring our involvement by stakeholders
      • Measuring differently our contribution


François Dousset – Professor at EIPM François Dousset François works as a consultant and trainer for Supply Management. He is specialised in Purchasing Techniques and methodology, with particular interest in market analysis, strategic positioning and cost and value management. In addition to that, he trains and coaches teams in Negotiation, Leadership and to organisation and change management. Part of his teaching and consulting activities is focused on the training programmes EIPM is running worldwide.

Schedule – 10/11/2022

Two sessions are planned on the same day, to allow participants from all over the world to join:

      • 10:00 Paris / 13:30 Mumbai / 16:00 Shanghai
      • 16:00 Paris / 08:00 Mexico City / 10:00 Washington / 11:00 Buenos Aires / 11:00 São Paulo


Duration of the presentation is 40’ followed by 20’ Q&A (60 minutes in total).


Don’t miss this important webinar. Sign up below! Participation is free-of-charge but, as the number of places is limited, registration is compulsory. In the meantime, if you need more information, please contact info@eipm.org or +33 4 50 31 56 78.

10:00 Paris 13:30 Mumbai 16:00 Shanghai 16:00 Paris 09:00 Mexico City 10:00 Washington 11:00 Buenos Aires 11:00 São Paulo
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November 10, 2022
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