Competence Assessment

The EIPM Talent Assessment

Bee-Resources© is a secure, simple, flexible and efficient assessment process for individual, team or companywide evaluations.

It is available in 9 languages and has been used by more than 20 000 professionals since 2006 around the world.

The tool has been adapted over the years through collaborations with experts in several domains (Purchasing, HR, Universities), in order to offer today its latest version (service related and production related).

Main objectives of the EIPM Talent Assessment:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Purchasing team in terms of skills, based on the level expectations of the Purchasing Department and based on the evolution of the Purchasing function (to prepare “the buyers of tomorrow”);
  • Identify the level of performance of each Purchasing collaborator;
  • Define adapted and precise trainings recommendations at group level;
  • Identify training requirements and long-term development orientations at individual level;

At the end of the assessment:

  • at individual level: participants receive a report of their evaluation with suggestions to support their career evolution.
  • at group level: the Purchasing Manager receives a report (anonymous & confidential) with precise skills cartography of his team (strengths & areas to reinforce) and a training roadmap recommendation (training to follow & training methodology to be used).

EIPM Bee Resources© contributes to your performance by...

  • Assessing existing capabilities, identifying critical competencies and potential gaps.
  • Supporting organisational and individual development plans to adapt to current and future challenges.
  • Effectively contributing to your recruitment process.
  • Being a liable and unbiased support for appraisals.
Why is Talent Development becoming a critical issue? One of the greatest obstacles to your company’s growth is “Finding and Retaining Talent”. The challenge now is to attract the right people, retain them and develop each individual in your team to their full potential. This “War for Talent” is a common challenge experienced across all organisations today.

Bernard Gracia, EIPM President