Aim of the course

A good leader doesn’t need to have the authority, he or she is the authority. This course aims at understanding the underpinning schemes of personal leadership underpinning the trans formation of Procurement, and the strategies. It focuses on the personal legacy of the Procurement, the necessary traits to develop one’s own charisma in Purchasing, and their application to the application to Procurement.
  • Define your quest and the field of your personal leadership.
  • Understand the organisational setting necessary to the development of leadership.
  • Create the relational frame and dynamics to ensure leadership.
  • Capture the personal traits for the development

Target group

  • Purchasing team managers, Transformation leaders, Purchasing executives..
  • Interfaces between Purchasing and the key stakeholders.

Course structure

The PERSONAL LEADERSHIP course contains:

  • 5 Chapters including reading and other material.
  • 5 Virtual classes
  • For each chapter, pre-readings must be completed BEFORE attending the related Virtual Class.