Inventory Management

Aim of the course

By the end of this course, participants will be able to understand and manage different elements of Inventory.
  • Establish a common understanding of the Inventory types and their purpose.
  • Understand the fundamentals of inventory management: when to replenish, how much to order, how much safety stock to keep, in order to minimise risks of shortage while minimising costs.
  • Identify the impact of an efficient inventory management on the performance of the company.
  • Prepare the Purchasing function to analyse available options and define the strategies to optimise inventories in the supply chain.

Target group

Buyers, Lead Buyers, Category Leaders, Material Planners, Warehouse Managers.

Course structure

The INVENTORY MANAGEMENT course contains 1 Chapter including 1 e-module and other material (readings, videos…) and 1 virtual class. The specific e-module must be completed before attending the related Virtual Class.