Financial Analysis

Aim of the course

By the end of this course, participants will be able to understand basics of Finance and Financial statements.
  • Know the objective, content and presentation of the 3 main statements incl. in the financial reporting.
  • Calculate ratios and ask questions to obtain a picture of the financial health of a supplier.
  • Assess the consequences of some procurement decisions on the suppliers’ financial health: risk assessment.

Target group

Buyers, Lead Buyers and Commodity Managers, who need to evaluate the financial health of their suppliers or develop strategies to improve the financial performance of their own companies.

Course structure

The FINANCIAL ANALYSIS course contains:

  • 1 Awareness session (a full day)
  • 2 Chapters including 4 e-modules, other material (readings, videos…),
  • 1 Virtual Class.
  • For each Chapter, self-study e-modules must be completed BEFORE attending the related Virtual Class..