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Webinar: Mapping Business Ecosystems – A Key to Innovation

The business landscape is a continuously changing Ecosystem With the ongoing transformation of the business landscape, many industry boundaries have drifted, blurred and changed. New players […]

Workshop: Organising Innovation Days with Suppliers

About As Purchasing teams increasingly support innovation, Innovation Days have gained popularity. At EIPM, we have gathered some lessons and best practices on how to organise […]

IoT and Purchasing

IoT and Purchasing! By Hervé Legenvre, PhD EIPM   Release of EIPM Value Creation Observatory report on the opportunities brought by The Internet of Things (IoT) […]

Time to Explore the Business Ecosystem!

Time to Explore the Business Ecosystem! By Hervé Legenvre, PhD EIPM   Previously I wrote a post on our recent research project that shows that purchasing is delivering value to […]

Purchasing Delivers Value!

Purchasing Delivers Value! By Hervé Legenvre, PhD EIPM   We have recently compeleted a comprehensive research project on how purchasing helps to create and capture value. […]