Fostering an Innovation Culture in Purchasing. Are you ready?

Fostering an Innovation Culture in Purchasing. Are you ready?

The rapid pace of changes requires companies to innovate more, to innovate faster and more efficiently. Companies with outstanding financial performance excel at integrating suppliers in a diverse set of innovation projects.  In these companies purchasing teams have embraced a culture of innovation and they instil an open innovation spirit throughout the company.

As company’s culture determines how things are executed and how results are achieved, Culture needs be on the agenda of Chief Procurement Officers.

Our research, enlightened by extensive literature reviews, 6 workshops involving 105 Executives and Professionals during the 2017 EIPM Annual Conference, as well as a survey with more than 90 respondents shows that an innovation culture within a procurement context can be described using eight dimensions presented in the document.

To develop an innovation culture, we encourage Executives to reflect and communicate on the values and behaviours that make a difference: to act as a role model, to craft and disseminate the stories that enact such values and to establish rituals that encourage everyone to adopt new attitudes.

We hope that readers will be inspired by this new edition of the Observatory and we wish you good luck on your journey to an Innovation Culture in Purchasing!


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About the EIPM Observatory

The Value Creation Observatory is a research project to measure the progress of the Purchasing profession towards Value Creation.

It consists of a series of surveys, workshops, case studies and publications. The results shed light on important questions in terms of achievements and practices and result in a report of the findings and recommendation for actions.

This laboratory project has been positively welcomed by practitioners and we are open to receiving contribution such as testimonials or case studies. If you are interested in collaborating, contact us!



Elmar Holschbach, PhD

Since 2013, Elmar is professor of Organisation and Supply Management at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences – one of the largest institutions of its kind in Germany. He is also Director at 1 IF BY LAND – a consultancy specialised in optimising operational effectiveness. Before, he held various management positions in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management at CLAAS, Europe’s biggest manufacturer of agricultural machinery and SMA Solar Technology, the leading manufacturer of solar inverters for photovoltaic systems. At Capgemini Consulting, he was responsible for major re-organisations, process and service innovations in the area of Purchasing and Supply Management for international clients. His current research interests lie in Supplier-enabled Innovation and Purchasing of Services. Elmar is a regular speaker at conferences and publishes academic and practitioner-oriented articles.


Hervé Legenvre, PhD

Hervé blends the best of the academic and practitioner thinking to create a unique learning experience and engaging articles. He continuously looks at the trends that will shape the business world in the future. He believes that the competitive edge of companies will increasingly be co-created with suppliers as innovation needs to be seized outside. He builds on his wide knowledge of invention, innovation and business excellence to create new tools and practices that help engage everyone on what counts most in a fast-changing world.

Hervé worked for Renault Consulting where he transferred some of the first lean six sigma programmes to Europe. He later joined EFQM where he led the latest major revision of the EFQM Excellence Model and the European Excellence Award. At EIPM, he was responsible for the EIPM Executive MBA from September 2011 to 2016. Today, Hervé acts as an assessor for the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards and is the Director of the Value Creation Observatory. Hervé is a regular speaker during in-company and public conferences, he is also the author of two books and he frequently writes articles and research reports.