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Sustainability and Procurement: Time to look beyond compliance
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EIPM Webinars

EIPM Webinars


The first EIPM Webinar of the year, held on the 16 of February, was a total hit!

The morning session was a great assembly of participants from India, Europe, China and Saudi Arabia, while the second meeting attracted professionals from Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, the USA and also Europe. This variety in audience translated in insightful Q&A, highlighting different geographic and industry perspectives.

The theme of the webinar was The future of Purchasing – Planning for tomorrow by looking at business trends and it was developed by Dr Hervé Legenvre, the EIPM Value Creation Observatory Director.

The session invited participants to take a step back and analyse how the broader world evolves and what impact this will have on Purchasing Organisations, their processes and skills.

This informative session was an introduction to some of the current key business trends and their potential impact on the Purchasing function, but also reflected on how Purchasing can be affected by new transformations current in place, such as:

  • The Global Footprint of Companies will continue to evolve due to the numeric robot/demographic changes, but this should be seen as more of the same;
  • Innovation is no longer about a product or technology. Today, with tends such as the Internet of Things, digitalisation and personalisation, Purchasing can play a central role in building new Value Networks that create differentiation;
  • Sustainability is moving well beyond compliance and now plays a key role in creating “shared” Value: value to society and value to the business;
  • Purchasing Organisations need to do things differently as work is changing and millennials are joining.


Check some of the feedback given by participants at the end of the Webinar:

Excellent webinar. I really liked the tips and the topic. I would like to be invited to the next ones too. (Eduardo, Pfizer)

Great view on trends and impacts on innovation and change. (Oana, Ericsson)

It was a very interesting Webinar with a lot of valuable information and I feel that Hervé managed to keep all of us engaged during the presentation. Thank you very much! (Sabina, Ericsson)


And it’s only the beginning


If you missed The future of Purchasing, don’t panic! The next wave of EIPM Webinars is already scheduled.

On the 26 April, Dr Legenvre will host the The impact of the Internet of Things on Purchasing. This session tracks on Dr Legenvre’s extensive research on the subject, which led to the publication of a dedicated report.

And on 28 June he’ll present on the topic Mapping Business Ecosystems – A key to Innovation.

Registrations to both webinars are already open and the agendas will be announced soon.

As with the first edition, participation is free-of-charge but registration is compulsory, as the number of places is limited. Webinars last 90 minutes in total, including Q&A.

EIPM Webinars are accessible through two sessions: one at 10 AM CET and another at 5 PM CET. This format allows for participants from all over the globe to join and contribute.

Register now!


Image: Created by Prostooleh – Freepik.com