EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards 2017

EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards in China
Bernard Gracia, keynote speaker at APPM Conference
Bernard Gracia’s keynote speech at the APPM Conference

The 8th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards was celebrated , the 14th of December 2017, in Archamps, France.

The EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognise Purchasing organisations across the world for their outstanding practices and for modelling the way forward.

The winners are elected by a jury chaired by Dr Peter Kraljic and composed of industry leaders and purchasing experts as the outcome of a very detailed and fact-based process. Companies are evaluated using the EIPM Maturity Assessment Tool based on the EFQM Business Excellence Model, followed by on-site audits for the finalists.

In this edition, recipients were recognized in the following categories: “Value Creation”, “Sustainability”, “Talent Management”, “Excellence in Supplier Collaboration, Integration & Digitalisation”, as well as the acknowledgement of a remarkable overall performance for “The Organisation of the Year”.

Winners were announced by Mr Bernard Gracia, EIPM Dean & Director, and the trophies were handed by Dr Peter Kraljic and Aurelien Rothstein, CPO of Essilor International, the winner of “The Organisation of the Year Award” in 2016.


This year’s winners are:


Talent Management – E.ON Supply Chain

After the Company split from Uniper, and in order to build its legitimacy from the initial administrative structure, E.ON Supply Chain has put forward the development of its people and launched the Optima initiative to enhance the organisation’s capabilities and performance. An Academy was set-up that encompasses a large scope of professional trainings and the deployment of new processes. The businesses are already acknowledging the results and appreciate the increased value contribution they receive.



  • Supply Chain Academy
  • Training Certification
  • Centre of competence: “Governance and Performance”


Sustainability Leadership in Supply Chain – Clariant Group Procurement Services

Clariant Group Procurement Services has reached a high level of maturity with sound and integrated approaches. At first the GPS Sustainability initiative targeted risks, but current achievements are giving higher returns as the company has begun to leverage the efforts benefits to not only secure existing markets, but also to gain new markets. In its Sustainability programme Clariant is an active member of Together for Sustainability (TfS) since 2014, with the aim to not only improve their own sustainability and that of their suppliers, but also to create a change within the whole chemical industry.



  • Sustainability as a Business leverage
  • Benchmark in Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • Together for Sustainability -TfS-

Excellence in Supplier Collaboration, Integration & Digitalisation – Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics
Global Purchasing Organisation

The scope of responsibility in the Global Purchasing organisation includes many business-focused activities, sharing and solving problems together with suppliers through transversal projects. A Vested relationship programme is deployed with suppliers selected for their contribution to business, performance, dedication to Schwan’s ecosystem, mutual engagement to strengthen relationships and “grow together”. In the make to order context, the procurement process from R&D to Pay is fully dematerialized to best serve the factories and to ensure the traceability and compliance aspects.



  • Vested relationship programme
  • Suppliers Academy for transfer know-how
  • Fully dematerialized procurement process


Value Creation through Building a Competitive Advantage – Capgemini Group Procurement

Since it has been restructured, Capgemini Group Procurement has focused its energy on transformations to impact both the bottom line (GP is proactively committing its annual savings in the BU budget and exceeding targets), and the top line where its contribution is achieved through a Resell Activity that is part of the sales to customers, and Purchasing as a Service Activity. Category management strategies enable the savings committed to the business; TCO is the main approach that is equally requested from internal business partners and suppliers.



  • Bottom line and top line contributions
  • Savings committed in the annual budget
  • Sell Procurement as a Service


Value Creation through a Sustainable Transformation – SKF Group Purchasing

The SKF Group Purchasing organization has gone through a systematic transformation over the years and delivers sustainable results by combining business focus and group synergies. It is a proactive business partner, enhancing SKF business through extensive supplier knowledge and excellence in buying. Several initiatives aim at achieving breakthrough performances and cost improvements, which include the Integrated Cost Reduction activities; a structured cross organisation process that is generating cost reduction ideas and solid results over time.



  • Pro-active Business Partner
  • Pipeline of Saving Projects
  • Saving $ Challenge Exceeded

The Organisation of the Year – Aéroport de Paris Procurement Division

The Organisation of the Year Award acknowledges a remarkable overall performance.

The ADP Procurement Division excels in their focus on stakeholders, innovation, CSR, talent management and entrepreneurship. It has set up a customer-oriented organisation that educates all stakeholders on how to best contribute to the procurement activities in a fully collaborative and trustful mode. Performances are systematically measured via robust stakeholder surveys. Effective talent management activities support the development of employability and occupational mobility. Several awards have acknowledged CSR approaches and achievements. Innovation is recognized as an on-going opportunity to progress towards company objectives. Procurement processes are fully digitalized through a suite of specialized and interconnected systems.



  • Integration with internal partners
  • Responsible Purchases
  • Full Process Digitalisation