EFQM Webinar hosted by Hervé Legenvre

Expert Webinar – EFQM

Hervé Legenvre will host an EFQM webinar about Business Ecosystem Excellence.



Towards Business Ecosystem Excellence

Today the innovation landscape is changing. It calls for more partnerships with external partners and very often partnerships with companies we barely knew before.

This requires to build, attract and engage with a solid ecosystem of external partners. The webinar will open a discussion on what on what it means to excel at this.

The webinar will start by setting the context and describing

  • How is the business and innovation landscape changing
  • What could Excellence mean in this context

We will discuss what could be the building blocks for the future of Ecosystem Excellence

  • Building an “Ecosystem” vision
  • Creating trust with unfamiliar partners
  • The importance of cognitive fluidity
  • Getting things done within a business ecosystem
  • What means Leadership within an ecosystem


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