Covid Corner

The global sanitary crisis which is hitting us, is embedding the worst economic crisis ever known on our planet.

Nobody knows what the post crisis will look like, but everybody agrees that the world will be different. Education & training will be different too.

This is why EIPM has launched its new website which includes a specific "Covid Corner" for all of you, as well as our new E-Shop and all the new training solutions.

Despite confinement EIPM remains open for you. The best thing is to contact us to get more precise info.

Take care of yourselves. Be safe!

Bernard Gracia, President

Follow up the guided virtual visit of EIPM!
You can contribute to this Covid Corner by sending us articles, documents and links you want to share to the Purchasing & Supply Management Community:

The EIPM Value Creation Observatory White PapersA series of documents delivered by the EIPM Lab

Journal of Supply Excellence A series of the EIPM Journals

Glossary To help you with correct and adequate words. This Glossary of terms will be updated continuously

Helpline To contact us for different services and questions you may have

EIPM can offer you the opportunity:
  • To reinforce your network entering in the EIPM Network
  • To contact some specific persons to collaborate ( buying together, comparing solutions…)
  • To benefit from a specific EIPM support
If you are interested you can contact us via this link, or directly by phone +33 450 31 5678.