The EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards

Recognising outstanding practices

Since 2010, the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognise the excellence of Purchasing Organisations that act as role models, delivering outstanding performance to their company and demonstrating high level of creativity, innovation and respect for the environment and society.

The companies who decide to take part in the Awards use EIPM's on-line assessment tool BEE-BEST® to benchmark their own practices against those of best in class companies.

A rigorous fact-based nomination process complements this application. Based on the content of the assessment, finalists are assessed during a site visit and winners are selected by a Jury composed of specialists and presided by Dr Peter Kraljic.

To apply for the Awards, go to the Bee-Best platform with the link below and fill in the form that will be submitted. We will contact you shortly afterwards.



Online EIPM assessment

Online benchmarking against
EFQM Business Excellence Model criteria

Available in English
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Nomination process

The nomination process refers to
World-Class Practices

Site visit

Purchasing experts assess finalists
during a one-day site visit

Jury validation

Winners are selected by a Jury
presided by Dr Peter Kraljic


  • Jean-Philippe Collin
    We like the idea of combining competition and procurement excellence; we also enjoyed the hard collective preparatory work around it; the participation became rapidly the goal (....) Thanks to the EIPM Peter Kraljic Award, we ended up benefiting from a massive internal pride of having been externally recognized: a material sign of recognition we can bring back home.
    Jean-Philippe Collin
    Former CPO Sanofi (France)
  • Danijel Baneck
    Every procurement organization and its CPO are eager to know how good they are in what they are doing and what the maturity level of their organization is. Bee-Best tool and the Award competition process offered us the opportunity to get an objective feedback on how much we succeeded in transforming our procurement into a real added-value function within our company. By winning the prestigious EIPM Peter Kraljic Award, we have significantly raised the status and image of the procurement function and improved our recognition within the company as well as in our business environment. This award also served as a major motivator for our entire procurement staff to become a real differentiator for our company.
    Danijel Baneck
    CPO Atlantic Grupa (Croatia)
  • Philippe Armengaud
    The use of EIPM Bee-Best process has been a very important milestone during our journey towards operational excellence. It has been an excellent tool to assess and improve our processes. Then it became a very powerful management tool to boost best practice sharing within global Purchasing organization and stakeholders. It delivered a valuable input on talents within purchasing organization. Winning an EIPM Peter Krajlic Award twice was a fantastic motivation for our organization and a unique source of internal and external recognition.
    Philippe Armengaud
    Former CPO Bekaert (Belgium)
  • Denis Alvarenga
    We have participated to the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards to access the gap between our current procurement practices against best-in-class references. The resulting diagnostic report was very useful in two aspects, to further develop our transformation roadmap and to confirm the areas we were mastering. The Excellence Award granted to ArcelorMittal Procurement was very well appreciated by both internal as well as external stakeholders, including key clients, not to mention it is a fantastic recognition and motivational event to our teams.
    Denis Alvarenga
    Head of Strategy - Global and European Procurement & Supply Chain Organization, ArcelorMittal Sourcing (Luxemburg)
  • Christian Kaemmerlen
    The most efficient way to run the assessment is to treat it as a team project. This teamwork approach permits the most detailed insight into all the aspects of procurement covered by the assessment, as well as accurate visibility of the maturity and deployment of processes and the level of results achieved. This is by far the best way to collect facts, data and evidence.
    Christian Kaemmerlen
    EIPM Project Manager
  • Jean-François Baril
    I consider “Bee-Best” assessment tool as one of the best ones on a worldwide basis to support Procurement / Strategic Sourcing organizations. Within my 27 years’ experience in Corporate Procurement environment (HP, Compaq, Nokia), I found “Bee-Best” as the most friendly, holistic, and professional benchmarking tool. This is not only to understand where you and your organization are in your journey for Excellence in terms of achievement but more importantly how you are achieving and delivering results. It is also a fantastic and methodical way to create with your team the way forward to build your future.
    Jean-François Baril
    Former CPO for Nokia Corporation (Finland)

Winners of the previous editions


2021 edition

  • Group Clarins Procurement: Collaborative Value Creation Award for Excellence.
  • DYO Boa Purchasing Team: Adaptability and Growth Award for Excellence.
  • Energias De Portugal Global Procurement Unit: Sustainability Award for Excellence.
  • Röchling Automotive Procurement: Innovation & Transformation Leadership Award for Excellence.
  • Vodafone Procurement Company: Integration & Resilience Award for Excellence.

2020 edition

  • CERN Procurement and Industrial Services (Switzerland) - Prize for Excellence
  • Efacec Supply Chain Corporate Division (Portugal) - Prize for Excellence
  • Kastamonu Entegre Procurement Group (Turkey) - Prize for Excellence
  • NOVO BANCO SA Patrimonio e Controlo de Custos Procurement (Portugal) - Prize for Excellence
  • Bondalti Procurement Organisation (Portugal) - Award of Excellence
  • Cerba HealthCare Procurement & Supply Chain Team (France) - Prize for Excellence
  • EDP Global Procurement Unit (Portugal) - Prize for Excellence
  • Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A.S. Purchasing (Turkey) - Prize for Excellence
  • Oman Telecommunication Company Procurement & Contract (Oman) - Prize for Excellence
  • Tesco PLC Group Procurement (England) - Award of Excellence
  • Faurecia Purchasing (France) - Prize for Excellence
  • Moët Hennessy Purchasing (France) - Award of Excellence
  • Capgemini Group Procurement (France) - Organization of the Year Award