2019 EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards Ceremony – 10th Anniversary

Paris, 13th of December 2019.


The 10th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards was celebrated yesterday, the 12th of December 2019, in Paris, France.

The EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognise Purchasing organisations across the world for their outstanding practices and for modelling the way forward.

The winners are elected by a jury chaired by Dr. Peter Kraljic and composed of industry leaders and purchasing experts as the outcome of a very detailed and fact-based process. Companies are evaluated using the EIPM Maturity Assessment Tool based on the EFQM Business Excellence Model, followed by on-site audits for the finalists.

In this edition, recipients were recognised on the following categories: “Value Creation”, “Transformation”, “Talent Management”, “Process Excellence”, “Sustainability”, as well as the acknowledgement of remarkable overall performance for “The Organisation of the Year”.

Mr Bernard Gracia, EIPM President, announced the winners and the trophies were handed by Dominique Lebigot, Chief Purchasing Officer of Moët Hennessy (LVMH Group), winner of the 2018 EIPM-Peter Kraljic Organisation of the Year award.


The 2019 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards winners are:


Value Creation Top Line – ANA Aeroportos de Portugal (Vinci Group) Corporate Procurement

ANA Corporate Procurement delivers large savings and collaborates with stakeholders and partners to increase airport capacity, passenger fluidity and revenues.
It develops open innovation to achieve top line growth and improvement in passenger satisfaction.


Transformation with Sustained Results – Bondalti Chemicals Procurement Organisation

Bondalti new centralised Procurement & Chemical Regulatory Affairs team generates unquestionable value that, beyond the company, also benefits the customers and society. It is particularly caring about the environment, sustainability and risk management.


Sustainability – EFACEC Supply Chain Corporate Division

EFACEC Supply Chain Corporate Division deployed advanced tools and solutions to satisfy company needs. Sustainability is a business opportunity and procurement contributes to this through the product passport by consolidating the use of resources during its lifecycle and implementing scope for the circular economy.


Talent Management – Community Drive – ENEL Global Procurement

ENEL Global Procurement invests in its talents to support its transformation and maximise value creation and stakeholder experience. The team has redesigned and is deploying new processes, strengthening open, innovative and sustainable procurement strategies.


Process Innovation and Digitalisation – Sprint Purchasing

Sprint Purchasing delivers ongoing results using fully digitalised processes.
It continuously enhances its solutions to create additional value, and pilots new approaches and tools though its Digital lab and Connected lab, some using AI and cognitive technologies.


The Organisation of the Year – Saudi Telecom Company Purchasing Organisation

The Organisation of the Year award acknowledges a remarkable overall performance.
STC Procurement team has deployed more advanced solutions delivering superior results against STC challenging objectives: decisions are shared with the business, talent management is comprehensive, end-to-end processes are fully digitalised and automated, big data are exploited using AI. STC Procurement has played a decisive role to localise critical suppliers.


In addition to the 2019 Awards, the 10th Anniversary Special Awards recognise the 2010-2019 trophy winners that the jury has identified as inspiring organisations and practices for future excellence. These are:


Risk Management – INFRABEL Procurement
Assessing and monitoring risks and their mitigation measures over the execution of very long term contracts.


Talent Development – Atlantic Grupa Central Purchasing
Developing human resources and talents that project the organisation towards its vision.


Digitalisation & Big Data – Saudi Telecom Company Purchasing Organisation
Enabling better end-customer experience and additional revenues through optimisations based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


Community Management – ESSILOR GSP Organisation
Creating and developing a united and complementary team in a global organisation.


Corporate Transformation – E.ON Supply Chain
Being the leading organisation in the corporate transformation.


Responsible Relationships – Aéroport de Paris Procurement Division
Maintaining responsible relationships with all the stakeholders and suppliers that make up the extended enterprise.


New Business Models – Capgemini Group Procurement
Selling PaaS, Procurement as a Service.


Collaborative Relations – Avril Direction des Achats
Providing added value to the ecosystem through collaboration with suppliers in win-win-win relationships.


Impact on Revenue – Moët Hennessy Purchasing
Creating sales opportunities in the Supply Chain and generating additional income.


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