2018 EIPM-Peter Kraljic Award winners announced!

Archamps, 6th of December 2018.


The 9th edition of the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards was celebrated yesterday, the 6th of December 2018, in Archamps, France.

The EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards recognise Purchasing organisations across the world for their outstanding practices and for modelling the way forward.

The winners are elected by a jury chaired by Dr. Peter Kraljic and composed of industry leaders and purchasing experts as the outcome of a very detailed and fact-based process. Companies are evaluated using the EIPM Maturity Assessment Tool based on the EFQM Business Excellence Model, followed by on-site audits for the finalists.

In this edition, recipients were recognized on the following categories: “Transformation”, “Process Excellence”, “Value Creation“ as well as the acknowledgement of remarkable overall performance for “The Organisation of the Year”.

Winners were announced by Mr Bernard Gracia, EIPM Director, and the trophies were handed by Dominique Etrourneau, Procurement Director of Aéroports de Paris, the 2017 EIPM Peter-Kraljic Award Winner for the Organisation of the Year and James Letche, Director at EFQM.

This year’s winners are:


Contribution to Corporate Transformation – E.ON Supply Chain

E.ON Supply Chain continues to successfully build its legitimacy with the business units, furthering the development of its capabilities and performance by the Optima programme, and contributes as a model to the transformation for the company.  It is integrated in key company business strategies and creates events to secure innovations from external partners. Enhanced category management and tender board processes deliver sustainable contribution and increasing stakeholder satisfaction.


  • Key player of the company transformation
  • Development of capabilities and performance with Training Certification
  • Stakeholder participation in category and tender decisions
  • Creative innovation process with external partners


Integrative Supply Management – United Metallurgical Company (OMK) Procurement Organisation

OMK Procurement has reached a high level of maturity in Category Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Project and Risk management. There was a clear shift from operational relevance to strategic contributions achieved through the leadership of the procurement team. Today Procurement is involved in the most strategic projects of the business before board decision to proceed.


  • Well deployed systematic category management process
  • Innovative business and technology solutions developed jointly with suppliers
  • Early consideration for risk in sourcing and construction projects
  • Outcome-based contracting


Leading Collaborative Value Creation – Avril Direction des Achats

Within Avril, Direction des Achats acts as a transformation agent that builds cross-company network focused on sustainable value delivery through category management and collaboration with Suppliers (Win Win Way programme). This is achieved thanks to a continuous development of buyer’s leadership capabilities, relationships and involvement of stakeholders in the decisions.


  • Leadership in transformation
  • Collaborative engagements with suppliers
  • Sustainable Total Cost Optimisation
  • Talent development and community management


Value Contribution Through Sustainability & Business Intelligence – ICL Global Purchasing Organisation

GPO has demonstrated Excellence in diverse areas: Category Management, Market intelligence, and Risk management. This was achieved simultaneously to the successful transformation from a decentralized to a centralized procurement function and with a strong leadership and perseverance of the procurement team. The long-term benefits of this transformation are well charted and their progresses are conducted in a systematic and structured way.


  • Key player of a remarkable and rapid transformation
  • Sustainable impact on the company Total Costs
  • Systematic category management processes including risks management
  • Analyst team providing key insights to the decisions makers


The Organisation of the Year – Moët Hennessy Purchasing

The Organisation of the Year award acknowledges a remarkable overall performance.

Moët Hennessy Purchasing excels on their focus on stakeholders, innovation, people management, sustainability, and supplier relationship management practices. Purchasing is perceived and leveraged by the Executive management as a high impact transverse network in the organisation.

Comprehensive multi-year roadmaps drive the development of the organisation’s maturity and impact on the business.


  • Integration with internal partners
  • Community and Talent Management
  • Top line contribution thru Activation Plan
  • Constructive relationships with suppliers
  • Original initiatives in CSR programmes



2018 Award Winners

In the photo from left to right: Christian Kaemmerlen, Project Manager at EIPM; Dominique Etourneau, CPO at Aéroports de Paris, Heinrich Berger, VP Global Raw Material Procurement at ICL, Claudia Viohl, CPO at E.ON, Dominique Lebigot, CPO at LVMH Wines & Spirits, Elvire Regnier Lussier, CPO/Tranformation Leader at Groupe Avril, Alexander Sidorin, CPO at OMK and Bernard Gracia, EIPM Dean & Director.


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